HONG KONG kid photography 香港兒童攝影

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HONG KONG kid photography 香港兒童攝影

兒童攝影師介紹 香港 kid photographer Hong Kong

Last Project Photos Hong Kong 香港攝影師 影相
“Shoot like never shoot again”

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We are specialized in corporate photography, event photography, conferences photography, party photography, graduation photography, wedding photography, kids photography, architectural photography.

Art of capturing lively and emotional photos are what we have mastered.

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children smile 小朋友大笑
children smile 小朋友大笑
kid 兒童
please look at the camera 請看一看相機
kid smile 小朋友笑得很開心
curious kid 好奇的兒童
Get ready for the event 小朋友為活動做好準備
love of mother 母親的愛
brother elves 精靈兄弟
Can I take this 我可以拿這個嗎
小朋友玩得很開心 kids having fun
你不跑那我就抱你跑啦 If you don’t run, I will hug you and run
event for the children. The one most happy were parents 孩子們的活動 最開心的還是父母
kid is throwing a ball 孩子在扔球
kid is coloring with parent 孩子和媽媽一起塗色
instructor best coach 最佳教練
kid confused 不明日

children cry 兒童哭哭了

kid do activity with parent 孩子和父母一起做活動
the behind one 後面在做啥

some kids just cried the whole time. 小朋友又哭哭了


some kids just enjoy the activity so much 有些孩子非常喜歡這項活動


little elf 小精靈


she tried to smile 微笑
kid’s passiona 孩子的激情
behind the scenes 幕後
kid take a photo with santa claus 孩子和聖誕老人影相
elf met santa claus 小精靈和聖誕老人
兒童看到聖誕老人很開心 Children are happy to see Santa Claus
聖誕老人 Santa Claus
小朋友和聖誕老人合照 group photo with santa claus
我要跑了 I’m going to run
kid smile 孩子的笑容
i am a little bit shy 我有點害羞
do you want a ball 你想要球嗎

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HONG KONG kid photography 香港兒童攝影

HONG KONG kid photography 香港兒童攝影