HONG KONG kid photography 香港兒童攝影

kid photographer Hong Kong 兒童攝影師 介紹 香港

Last Project Photos Hong Kong 香港攝影師 影相
“Shoot like never shoot again”

Low cost photographer, High quality photography.

We are specialized in corporate photography, event photography, conferences photography, party photography, graduation photography, wedding photography, kids photography, architectural photography.

Art of capturing lively and emotional photos are what we have mastered.

Photographer speak Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), English.

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kids listened carefully 孩子們認真的聽
ready steady 準備
ready steady and go 預備 衝呀
少朋友跑得很開心 kid run happily
we had NPC
kid lifted candy stick 孩子舉起糖果棒
kid crawl 孩子爬行
christmas gifts for kids 給孩子的聖誕禮物
kids saw santa claus for the first time 孩子們第一次看到聖誕老人
santa’s nice list 聖誕老人好孩子清單
family photos with Santa Claus 與聖誕老人的家庭合照


group photos with Santa Claus 與聖誕老人的合照


Family photo with christmas tree 與聖誕樹的家庭合照
聖誕家庭合照 Christmas event family photo
parent looked at kid 父母看著孩子
hey I am ready to listen 嘿 我準備听好了
children run 孩子們跑
as a photographer I never forget to capture some photos to show the atmosphere 作為一名攝影師 我不會忘記拍攝一些照片來展示氣氛
happy kid 快樂的孩子
快樂的少朋友 happy kids
kids played 孩子們玩
kids played happily 孩子們玩得很開心
kids played happily. look at the smile. 孩子們玩得很開心 看那個笑容。
mission impossible 不可能完成的任務
少朋友玩的太开心了吧 You guys were having so much fun
Look at the audience, they are more tired than the children 看看觀眾 比孩子们还要累
little elf 小精靈