Last Project Photos Hong Kong 香港攝影師 影相
“Shoot like never shoot again”

Low cost photographer, High quality photography.

We are specialized in corporate photography, event photography, conferences photography, party photography, graduation photography, wedding photography, kids photography, architectural photography.

Art of capturing lively and emotional photos are what we have mastered.

Photographer speak Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), English.

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line: lastproject.photos



kid play 小朋友 跑 玩
chidren play 小朋友 跳
kid play happy 孩子 跑 開心
小朋友 排隊 玩 kids queuing
小朋友開心 happy kids
kids play happily 小朋友玩得很開心
孩子們跳 kids jumping
孩子玩口罩 child playing with mask
家長都玩得很開心 parents are happy
阿仔你跑得很怏 Boy, you ran very fast
有一位攝影師 there is a photographer
parent throw ball 家長扔球
i got a lot of ball 我有很多球


小朋友拿着球 kid holding ball
孩子笑着拿着球 kid smiling and holding ball
扔球到自己的孩子有多模開心 How happy is it to throw a ball to your child
hi5 kid
sneaky santa from behind 從後面偷偷摸摸來的聖誕老人
第一次見跟聖誕老人見面 Meeting Santa for the first time
小孩們見到聖誕老人很開心 Children are happy to see Santa Claus
i am drawing 我在畫畫
1 2 cheeseeee…a
santa claus magic 聖誕老人的魔術
santa’s nice list
family photo with santa claus 與聖誕老人的全家相
family photo with santa claus 與聖誕老人的全家相
i want to see santa claus 我想見聖誕老人
happiest kid in the world 世界上最快樂的孩子
Santa letters 聖誕老人信箱
kid expression when saw santa claus 孩子看到聖誕老人的表情