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“Shoot like never shoot again”

Low cost photographer, High quality photography.

We are specialized in corporate photography, event photography, conferences photography, party photography, graduation photography, wedding photography, kids photography, architectural photography.

Art of capturing lively and emotional photos are what we have mastered.

Photographer speak Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), English.

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HongKong Event Photographer 介紹攝影師 香港

This kind of group photo is my secret weapon. The emotion , smile and expression of the subject. Very hard to achieve, need a lot of photography skill and also a lot of luck. This photo took in a very low light situation, except candle light almost no ambient light. I used full flash power to bounce the 4 feets ceiling.

This kind of smiles is what I always looking for in the event photography. I also used secod curtain flash technique to capture the movement and the vibe of the moments, fraction of a second.


Every single photo we had a fraction of a second to capture. we must have very quick thinking to set the value in the camera but I never have to think about it I did it naturally, at the back two knotch to the left and at the front three knotch to right will get what I want, not to mention the flash setting. I always know what I will have before press the button. Sound complecated but every photographer who choose like 1,000 events can do it. It is all about experience and perception of art.

In party photography slow speed shutter combination of slow sync fash is a technique every party photographer must master.

By these photos you know they were dancing not stand still. The light from candle in the backgroud let’s you subconscious mind know how dark the event hall was.



This is how a still photo look so alive and can tell the stoy at the same time.

A lot of client didn’t know that the good photos will come at the end of the party, when guests were tipsy.

When all staffs almost exhausted. It is time for photograher to shine.


Imperfect shot for others is my perfect shot. I have weird taste of art. If you like these photos. You are at the right place. 🙂

candid birthday party photos



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